ROAR is a diversified media & entertainment management and production company.

Founded 18 years ago by its owner and CEO, Jay Froberg, ROAR is a global media & entertainment company. We represent actors, writers, directors and musicians, helping them to achieve their artistic & commercial goals. ROAR has an experienced content creation team, developing, producing and packaging quality projects across all mediums.  We also advise companies and financiers on all matters related to the entertainment business.  ROAR is well respected for creating value and having broad, yet specialized, industry experience; a deep network of industry relationships and strategic partners; a reputation for successful deal execution; and a collaborative, honest and radically transparent approach with our clients.
If you are seeking more information on ROAR’s team members, clients, film projects, television projects and/or portfolio investments, please feel free to request access to that information by e-mailing us at or enter the login information we have already provided to you.